GCE Results 2022 Released PDF Download Link

GCE Results 2022 Released PDF Download Link



  1. GCE Results 2021 Cameroon General Certificate of Education released
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  4. GCE Results 2022 Cameroon General Certificate of Education released

The GCE Results 2022 Cameroon show proof of how hard students and their teachers have worked throughout the academic year. This national exam written yearly by students in Form Five for the first cycle and Upper-sixth for the second cycle is the gateway to higher education in Anglophone Cameroon.  

GCE Results 2022 Released PDF Download Link

GCE Results 2022 Cameroon PDF Released Today August - Check and Download Complete O/A Levels ITC/ATC

As was the case in previous years, a GCE results 2022 Cameroon broadcast code-named Form G4/T4 will be given to individual registration centers bearing the name of the candidate. It will show the grade obtained in each subject written by the candidate. Alongside the form will be GCE results 2022 Cameroon slips which are a statement of the results of each candidate for distribution to them. The board sends the results directly to the Chief of center who is in turn responsible for the handing over of the result slips to candidates. After collection of the GCE results 2022 Cameroon slips, any complaints must be channeled to the Chief of center who will transfer them to the GCE Board for review. Upon demand from universities or other authorities, the Board may communicate candidate results without prior permission from the candidate.


GCE Results 2022 PDF Download


How to check GCE Results 2022 PDF Download


According to statistics gathered from the CGCE board, a total number of 110,916 candidates registered for the examination this 2022, while 98,015 sat. Meanwhile, 66,846 passed recording a percentage pass rate of 74.24, as compared to 62.27% recorded in 2018. Hence, there was an 11.97 percent increase in 2022.

Here’s the breakdown:
Advanced Levels Generals, there was 78.36% pass
A/L Technicals = 89.34%
O/L Generals = 62.15%
O/L Technicals = 67.34%

The results witnessed a drastic increase compared to 2018.

Where some 46000 registered and 43000 sat and those who passed where 29000 giving a percentage passed of 66.52%.

Advanced Level General67.7%35.3%
Ordinary Level General.50%25.29
Advanced Level Technical73.4%22.3%
Ordinary Level Technical.58.2%28.4%

Meanwhile, 37 candidates scored 25 points at A/L with 5 A grades.

Inquiries on the GCE results

The marking of examination papers and the publication of the results are final and binding on all candidates who sat in for the examinations. Only in exceptional cases may the board communicate the results of a candidate with parents or guardians of the candidate.

As earlier mentioned, all complaints regarding GCE Results 2022 Cameroon must be channeled in the first instance to the chief of center. Complaints tabled to the board may be considered upon application in cases where the obtained results of a candidate significantly deviate from the expected results based on coursework assessments carried out by the teacher. The details of such an application and the charges to be incurred can be obtained directly from the GCE Board. Check your results on gceresults.com

Award of GCE results Certificates

The GCE Board holds sole discretion on the award of certificates to candidates. As such, the Board can withhold or cancel a certificate without being liable to the candidate. 

No candidate or other individual has the right to alter the results certificate as it remains the property of the Cameroon GCE Board. 

For a given session, all subjects sat for are presented on the same certificate with their respective grades. Candidates who obtain a pass in both the Ordinary Level and Advanced Level examinations after sitting in for them are awarded with two distinct certificates. 

Six months after the release of the GCE results 2022 Cameroon, certificates shall be made available at the various registration centers for distribution to candidates. Aside from candidates, persons who hold legal authorization can retrieve the certificate when available. 

External candidates are expected to report to their registration centers with their national identity cards for withdrawal of their GCE results 2022 Cameroon certificates. 

Internal and external candidates are required to check-in at their various registration centers for the collecting of their certificates by March of the following year. All certificates not withdrawn by the set time shall be sent back to the GCE Board regional offices in Buea and Bamenda. When that occurs, candidates will only collect their certificates directly from the Board upon payment of a specified fee and presentation of their national identity card. 

Specificities of the GCE examinations

The GCE Ordinary Level

The Ordinary level which is the lower of the two GCE examinations is set on a five year school program that runs from form one to form five. This mainly applies to regular secondary schools as special schools sometimes offer an accelerated program whereby students can sit in for the examination after 3 years. 

A total of twenty-one subjects make up the list from which candidates choose their subjects at the ordinary level. The maximum number per candidates is eleven while the minimum is six. For a candidate to be considered successful in the examination, a minimum of four subjects must be recorded as passed upon publication of the GCE results 2022 Cameroon. 

Computer science, Food and nutrition, and, Special Bilingual Education French are the subjects composed of 3 papers each while the remaining nineteen have two papers each. The number of questions set and a number of questions to be answered varies from one subject to another. This equally applies to the scores and weightings. However, paper one is made up of exactly 50 questions set with the MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) system and is expected to be answered completely.

A few obligations do exist at the Ordinary Level and must be respected by all candidates. When registering 11 subjects, the eleventh subject must be Religious Studies. Also, English Language, Mathematics, and French are considered as compulsory subjects. 

The GCE Advanced Level

The Advanced Level which is the higher of the two GCE examinations is set on a two year school program that starts in lower sixth and ends in upper sixth. This mainly applies to regular high schools as special schools sometimes offer an accelerated program whereby students can take the examination after a year of studies.  

A total of twenty subjects make up the list from which candidates choose their subjects at the Advanced Level. The maximum number per candidate is five while the minimum is two. For a candidate to be considered successful in the examination, a minimum of two subjects must be recorded as passed upon publication of the GCE Results 2022 PDF Download. 

At this level, the examination goes beyond lessons taken in class as it seeks to evaluate how candidates think, synthesize and apply knowledge in relation to each subject. It equally measures what understanding candidates have about the world around them. 

As with the Ordinary Level, the Advanced Level examination opens to both internal and external students. The candidates must be holders of at least one of the following certificates;

  • Cameroon GCE Ordinary Level with pass grades in a minimum of 4 subjects.
  • London GCE Ordinary Level with pass grades in a minimum of 4 subjects.
  • Teacher Grade II Certificate.
  • RSA stage II Certificate at least 4 subjects.
  • Any other certificate considered equivalent to one of the above mentioned by the GCE Board.

Statistics of the GCE Results 2022 PDF Download

In 2021, the Registrar announced the publication of results on August 21st for all candidates who sat in for the examination session. The GCE results 2022 Cameroon are expected to be better than the previous where the overall performance was; 

  • 59.08% at the GCE Ordinary Level
  • 61.94% at the GCE Advanced Level
  • 58.81% TVEE Intermediate Level
  • 71.59% TVEE Advanced Level

Region-wise, the West registered the highest pass percentage of 85.51 in TVEE Advanced Level while the North had the lowest performance of 46.79 in GCE Ordinary Level.

In 2021, a total of 170,423 candidates registered for the exams across the national territory while 155,149 sat. These examinations generally run from May to June each year and enclose two parts; practical and written evaluations. The governing body which is the GCE drafts a timetable yearly with clear specifications on how the evaluations have to be conducted at the various levels. Over the years, the system of education has evolved in numerous ways as explained below. 

How to check GCE Results 2022 PDF Download

Introduction of the GCE in Anglophone Cameroon

GCE which stands for General Certificate of Education is the system put in place in the late 90s after feasibility studies were carried out by experts from Cameroon and Britain. These studies held in January 1976 when the main characteristics of the examination were defined. After choosing the name, objectives were set on what was expected for the Ordinary Level and Advanced level Examinations. The maximum and minimum number of subjects to register for was specified alongside the least number of subjects to be considered a pass.  Other specifications made were linked to the grading system, question type, style of marking, and security measures among others. 

Presidential Decree No:76/555 of the 24th of November 1976 instituted the General Certificate of Education Examination in Cameroon, marking the beginning of its application. During the Cameroonisation of the GCE examination, a tentative program was drafted and students sat for the first time in June 1977. 

However, the educational system in Anglophone Cameroon was totally different back in 1944 when most secondary schools in Southern Cameroon had as final examination the UCLES (University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate). Being a group Certificate examination, it was taken at three levels. The Cambridge Higher School Certificate and Senior Cambridge were taken in Upper sixth and form six respectively.  And lastly, the Junior Cambridge was reserved for students in form four. 

The system changed a decade later when Southern Cameroon went in for the West African school Certificate Examination after stepping back from the Cambridge Examination Board. This new examination came to life in 1951 and stood in place till 1961 when East Cameroon re-united with Southern Cameroon. 

The last step before the current GCE system was the adoption of the University of London General Certificate of Education Examination in the year 1963. This was mainly under the rule of the London experts until the year 1976 when the Cameroonian government stepped in. Indeed, the back then Ministry of National Education began the Cameroonisation of the GCE by taking over the conduct of the examinations.

At that point, three authorities were involved and all agreed on a tripartite liaison for the governing of the GCE Board. The parties were; the University of London and the British Government, the Senate House, and, the Department of examinations. The main role of the British was to assist in the organization and implementation of the Cameroon GCE examinations. They partook in the supply of consultants and external examiners, drafting of syllabuses, and the training of Cameroonian personnel. Lastly, the University of London agreed to do the necessary which later led to the recognition of the Cameroon GCE examination results and certificates at the international level. The GCE ran smoothly following the set agreements until 1984 when a need for change arose and led to the creation of the GCE Board.

Creation of the GCE Board

The running of the GCE examinations began wrecking in 1984 when some London official starting drawing back from their participation. This became a huge problem in 1990 when the University of London Examination and Assessment Council completely ended its role with the Cameroon GCE. Observed irregularities became a real call for concern with errors occurring at almost all levels. There was a shortage of question papers; others were numbered wrongly while some were simply poorly printed. More severe issues like the postponement of some papers to be written were equally observed. At that moment, the Prime Minister responded by creating a technical committee charged with the organization and functioning of the GCE Examination. This was signed as order No: 194/CAB/PM of the 11th of September, 1992 and came into effect in 1993 with Presidential Decree No: 93/172 of 1st July 1993 which created the Board. By the decree, the GCE Board was empowered to organize the Ordinary and Advanced Level examinations of the General Certificate of Education in Cameroon. 

GCE Results 2022 Cameroon PDF Released Today August 21st Check and Download Complete O/A Levels ITC/ATC

The first examination session of the GCE Board

In October 1993, Order No: 112/CAB/PM signed by the Prime Minister, defined the organization of the GCE Board at the administrative and financial levels. This was followed by the installation of the Chairman of the board on October 25th 1993 in Buea by the Minister of National Education. Since its first council of the Board held in November 1993, the Cameroon GCE examinations have been organized by the Board.

Under its then chairman Mr AZONG Wara Andrew, the Cameroon GCE Board organized its first session of examinations across the national territory as follows;

  • June 1994 for General Education subjects;
  • June 1995 for GCE in Technical education; and
  • June 1997 for Baccalaureat Technique and related examinations.

The Division of Examination of the GCE Board

This division is made up of the GCE Ordinary Level unit and the GCE Advanced Level unit and is headed by the Deputy Registrar in charge of Examinations. The individual units are in charge of the proper unfolding of their respective examinations as prescribed by the board. Each unit is responsible for the;

  • Preparation of GCE registration materials and their distribution to the various registration centers;
  • Processing of GCE examination registration forms after ensuring the proper reception from registration centers;
  • Supervision of exercises during proofreading, preparation and costing of practical documents;
  • Creation of GCE registration and writing centers, as well as the supervision of all written and practical examinations during each session.

The Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board is the official body in charge of organizing end-of-year examinations for candidates writing the GCE O and A Levels. The Main Office is located in BueaSouthwest Region (Cameroon), and the Current Registrar Dang Akuh Dominic. The Cameroon GCE board was established in 1993 as a public examination body supervised by Cameroon ministry of secondary education in Yaoundé.

The following examinations are organized by the GCE Board as of 4 March 2019:

  • The General Certificate of Education Examination Ordinary Level
  • The General Certificate of Education Examination Advanced Level
  • The Technical and Vocational Education Examination Intermediate Level
  • The Technical and Vocational Education Examination Advanced, and the Professional Certificate Examination

Is GCE 2022 results out?

The Registrar of the GCE Board is pleased to inform the general public and especially candidates of the 2022 Examinations organized by the Board that the Board will be released on 21st August 2022, released results of the 2022 Examinations.

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