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GCE Advanced Level (A-level) is a subject-based qualification conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education, as well as a school leaving qualification offered by the educational bodies in the United Kingdom and the educational authorities of British Crown dependencies to students completing secondary or pre-university education. They were introduced in England and Wales in 1951 to replace the Higher School Certificate. The A-level permits students to have potential access to university if their grade is of satisfactory quality.


A-levels are usually studied by students in Sixth Form, which refers to the last two years of secondary education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, taken at ages 16–18. Some secondary schools have their own Sixth Form, which admits students from lower year groups, but will often accept external applications. There are also many specialist Sixth Form and Further Education Colleges which admit from feeder schools across a large geographic area. Admission to A level programmes is at the discretion of providers, and usually depends on GCSE grades.

A-levels are assessed through a series of exams, which are usually taken at the end of the two-year course. The exams are graded on a 6-point scale, from A* (the highest grade) to E (the lowest grade). In order to be accepted into university, students typically need to achieve grades of A* or A in at least three A-levels.

A-levels are a highly respected qualification, and they are widely accepted by universities around the world. They are also a valuable qualification for those who want to pursue a career in further education or training.

Here are some of the benefits of taking GCE Advanced Level:

  • It is a highly respected qualification that is accepted by universities around the world.
  • It can help you to gain entry to a wide range of university courses.
  • It can help you to develop your knowledge and skills in a particular subject area.
  • It can help you to improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • It can help you to prepare for the demands of university study.

If you are considering taking GCE Advanced Level, I encourage you to do some research to find out more about the qualification and the different subjects that are available. You should also speak to your teachers and guidance counselor to get their advice.